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I know now from the live and dry blood microscopy that my blood is severely lacking oxygen (rouleau) which in western medicine is called hypoxemia, plus there’s mold/yeast which is candida.  It shows parasites especially along my spine and behind my left knee and I’m taking the MMS for that.  But I couldn’t find a setting to help increase oxygen in the blood, is there one?  My skin is still inflamed, red, itchy but a lot of the small parasites (like scabies) are gone now, so everything I’ve added (MMS and Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil) is helping but I’m still a very sick camper.  Also since taking the MMS I got rid of a large number of threadworms and ran the settings for that too.

Please write me back as soon as you can.  It’s greatly appreciated.


The MMS is another Oxygen product.  MMS is usually the strongest version of it.

A low Oxygen reading in the blood indicates that Elan needs to increase the amount of MMS drops.  The pamphlet supplied with MMS advises to use about 6 drops of MMS.  Elan may have to increase daily dosage slowly from 6 drops to 10, then 15 over a week.  Continue to hold at 15 until the Blood oxygen level is raised.    People have been known to take up to 30 drops a day for serious parasite infestations.

Parasites resident in the Spine, unless identified for Genre, can be treated with the Comprehensive Parasite Cleanse: Use Zapper/Rife on the feet, overnight treatments

Parasites general comprehensive: 0.16, 0.30, 0.68, 0.90, 2.50, 5.50, 13.93, 93.50, 356.72, 451.17

If Oxygen levels fail to increase with MMS, then try the products at these links:



Stomach Bacteria and Parasites

“Stomach Bacteria and Parasites live in a generally non oxygen environment (anaerobic).  All bacteria that maintain constant presence in the stomach are called “anaerobic bacteria”

The bacteria that prevails in most stomach conditions and is also the cause of stomach ulcers is the Helicobacter-pylori (parasitic) bacteria

Scientists have recently discovered that more than 80% of all ulcers have been created by an untreated Helicobacter-pylori (parasitic) bacteria condition within the stomach.

Products like Pepto Bismol and other related pharmaceutical drugs are useless in 80% of stomach relief, and will never resolve the problem, as the root cause is an untreated bacterial infection.

The Rife Ultimate will help reduce the bacteria population through the elimination of pathogens through electrical current and frequency, as the frequencies can penetrate the stomach and digestive organs and destroy the Helicobacter-pylori.

Program in the Ulcer frequencies
(Peptic Ulcer: 0.13, 0.49, 0.62, 9.93, 43.39, 105.67, 232.50, 342.52, 625.35, 975.54)

You must also combine a Rife treatment with “Stabilized Liquid Oxygen” to oxygenate the stomach (and body) with a liquid oxygen supplement.  You can buy this online or at your natural health shops.

I would recommend 30 drops in water 3 times a day as a minimum treatment prescription.

This is one example of the product available:

These bacteria – Helicobacter-pylori, cannot live in the presence of oxygen.  The healing of ulcers will take more time, however once the bacteria are eliminated, there will be a faster recovery time.

Oxygen and Electrotherapy is the only known treatment combination to take on this aggressive anaerobic bacteria”


How Parasites Leave the Body


Can you tell me when I use the zapper I sometimes feel the parasites leaving my body. Are the parasites dying off or they getting on the sheets? I would need to use something to spray the bed if that’s the case. Do you know of anything?

In most cases, unless we are discussing Morgellons disease; the parasites are naturally eliminated through stool movements.  The second method which is much less common is the evacuation or elimination of parasites through vomiting (purging).

Parasites are generally contracted through the consumption of foods or water, a generally unavoidable contraction.  Eating fresh washed salads, or well cooked meats (never eat semi cooked foods such as rare steaks etc) you will minimize the possibility of contraction of parasitic pathogens and their related bacterium.

Most of the parasites that eventuate in a serious disease or disorder in the human body, are contracted through animals.  For example, the common sheep liver fluke, is often contracted through the consumption of lamb which is undercooked.


Testing for Parasites After the 21 Day Cycle

Parasites can be killed with a Rife or Zapper

Parasites can be killed with a Rife or Zapper

What can I expect after doing the treatments for 21 days when tested for parasites?

Testing for Parasites may remain positive for a few weeks after the 21 day cycle.  The parasites will be visible in tests,  however they will be dead.

Parasite tests will not distinguish between dead parasites and living parasites, so a positive will always be quoted on sight of any parasite.

Many people are disappointed to receive a positive test after the 21 day treatment with the Rife or Zapper, and I often have to explain to them this discrepancy, and explain that tests should be done at the fourth or fifth week.  I also advise extended Rife treatments for Parasites a few days each week following the 21 day comprehensive parasite treatment program as a precautionary measure.


How Long Should I Zap?

Parasites can be killed in 1.5 cycles, however we recommend a minimum of 21 Day cycle with the zapper for these 2 reasons.

(1) Dr Clark recommends 21 days in order to eliminate other stages of the life cycle that were unaffected by the zapper in the first treatment.  Parasites have a 21 day cycle (egg-larvae-adult).  Dr Clark stresses that the egg stage are the most difficult to “Zap” so allow the full 21 day Zapping cycle to be completed and the Zapper will kill the new parasite generation when they hatch.

(2) Extended Zapping periods are required to penetrate the more difficult to reach organs (such as intestine) and other organs that parasites hibernate to when they are threatened by electro-therapy.

Dr Clark recommends a Zap, once per week as a cautionary measure.


Do Parasites Leave Through the Skin?

Most Parasites are intestinal. so they do not come out of the skin.

There are species that do though…  I have seen some horrifying You Tube video’s to that effect.

Believe me, not a repeat viewing experience.

When Parasites are exiting the skin, it is because the Zapper is causing them discomfort.  they attempt to escape the current and frequencies this way.  I do not know if they die, as a skin exit is a rare occurrence.

Intestinal Parasites are killed in the intestinal tract by Zapper Digital, MHz or the Rife, and are exited through a persons stools.


How Parasites, Germs and Bacteria are listed

Her question was not super clear, but the book lists all parasites under “P” parasites.  Bacteria may be listed under Family or Genus so is a little trickier.  I have been shown how to do this if the question arises with a specific Bacteria which is unlisted.  You have to step up to the family group frequency reference, which covers a few hundred bacteria within the same species., or use the general Bacteria Mycoses setting.