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Gall Bladder Polyps

Reference: Gall Bladder Polyps.

In order to clear this condition, one must conduct Liver Cleanses (Oil/Lemon or grapfruit/Epson Salts according to the Dr Clark recipe) twice a month.  The Epson Salts assists in shrinking these Polyps, however it does take time, even 4-6 months of treatments (2 per month).  If you are willing to do this 6 month treatment you will reduce polyp size by more than 80% on average.

Combine all Polyp treatments with the Rife Ultimate machine set to

Intestinal Polyps: 0.05, 0.52, 0.78, 10.47, 5.58, 32.50, 65.68, 149.21, 275.67, 375.68,

This set works for all Polyps in the Gall / Intestinal Tract / Bowel.

If one takes the surgery option, the Polyps can be removed.  The first and least invasive method is laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.  The second and extreme last resort is surgical removal of the Gall Bladder.  Most of my colleagues in the medical field would suggest number (2) Gall Removal, because its the status quo for doctors who see the Gall as an unimportant organ.