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  1. Hello,

    I have been diagnosed with candida and decided to use super ravo zapper but i dont know how to set the program… in my device there are 2 programs for it but in the CAFL there are plenty of other frequencies and i dont know which one to use to make it effective :S i dont know how to set the shift time, whether it is always the best to leave 0,001 Hz sec or can I use even 0,170… pls help me, Im desperate… I have this super devise and dont know how to use it :((((

    Thank you for your reply,

    Kinga Révai, Slovakia, Europe

    • Hi I’m sorry that is not a Zapper I am familiar with. I would check with who it is that you bought it from for specifics on how to operate that machine. A lot of the information on this blog may very well apply, but as far as the machine’s operation you would need to check with the place you purchased from or somewhere else that sells the same.


  2. to Kinga Revai:

    I had candida before and i was healed by a very good healer. His webpage is the following:
    He lives on the island of Cyprus, (Europe).

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