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Cholesterol is a general term.  When applying Cholesterol to disease within the human body we are more likely to refer to the ailment Cholesterol Embolism.

Cholesterol is a type of ‘plaque’ (like the build up on teeth) except cholesterol is a ‘plaque’ comprising of an organic chemical substance classified as a waxy steroid of fat, and travels along with the bloodsteam (embolism) to other places in the body, where it obstructs blood vessels.

Treatment of an episode of cholesterol emboli is generally symptomatic, i.e. it deals with the symptoms and complications but cannot reverse the phenomenon itself. In kidney failure resulting from cholesterol crystal emboli we would treat with statins (medication that reduces cholesterol level).  Statins have been shown to halve the risk of requiring hemodialysis.  You can find natural (non synthetic) statins naturally in food such as Oyster Mushrooms and red yeast rice to name a few.

The Rife Digital can be used to assist with this condition, however one seeking to use natural sources of Statins in conjunction with the ETDFL frequency sets, will find the highest benefits of this combined therapy.

FYI, the frequency set as requested:

Embolism, Cholesterol: 0.05, 0.57, 0.92, 2.53, 12.34, 53.02, 78.30, 158.30, 257.02, 410.00



Hypercholesterolemia:  0.08, 0.41, 0.95, 2.50, 5.50, 15.58, 187.50, 292.50, 619.34, 815.70