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There are no specific frequencies for Deomodex, however this mite parasite is listed under the general “Mite Infestations” frequency set.

A dramatic increase in the Demodex mite population is usually related to a suppressed immune system, caused by stress or illness.  This results in a condition known as demodicosis or Demodex mite bite, characterised by itching, inflammation and other skin disorders. Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) can also be caused by Demodex mites.

We suggest to use the Zapper Digital on the mite infestations frequency set:

Mite Infestations: 0.05, 6.24, 30.78, 129.97, 321.53, 565.68, 615.22, 705.68, 892.50, 952.17

The frequencies listed here assist with a compromised immune system often caused by these mites.  Improved nutrition must be considered a priority, and will also help address any possible underlying immune-system suppressing diseases which contribute to this Demodex infestation.