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Hepititis B

A Dr Rife Machine, set on Hepatitis frequencies will help with the recovery process.  For example in the CAFL book supplied

Hepatitis B: 0.18 0.87, 5.29, 27.50, 45.56, 95.22, 182.50, 414.55, 420.80, 418.00

Program the Rife Machine with each frequency and use for 10 minutes per frequency.  Many people use the Rife Machine on the feet at night, and for the first 21 days of the Hepatitis treatment program: 1-6 hours while resting or sleeping per day or night.

Place wristbands on both feet with the Silver side touching the soles.

Program in all the above frequencies and allow the frequencies to cycle overnight in a loop every 100 minutes (Its all on automatic pilot)