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What is the difference between the Rife Ultimate & Zapper Ultra?

Dr. Rife believe in the zapping concept – as did Dr. Clark.  Dr. Rife, however, believed in the use of light as another facet of his treatment.  The cost of his light machine is currently too high.  So – the difference between the machines is that the Rife Machine has left a connection in the electronics to hook up a light machine should they bring a less costly one to market.


Rife Digital Ultimate Parts List

Click on the links below to see what is in the case.


RifeDigitalUltimateProductList – Parts List for the Rife Ultimate, what’s inside.

ZapperUltraProductList – Parts List for the Zapper Ultra, what’s inside

RifeBioresonanceProductList – Parts List for the Rife Bioresonance, what’s inside

ZapperMHzProductList – Parts List for the Zapper MHz Plus, what’s inside



Specifications of our Rife machine

The Specifications of our Rife machine is 16.5 volts at 4500 amps, which is equivalent to the GB4000 output.

Mycobacterial infections


I have a Rife Digital Ultimate and have been using it for about 6 weeks with very satisfactory results.  I have been using it for Myco & Candida, and so far the Candida is totally under control.  But the Myco still seems to be haunting me.  As a note, I am using multiple approaches to controlling the Myco, including Chinese herbs, traditional herbs (Myco+ from Rainforest) and even have tried transfer factors.

Recently I was also diagnosed with parasites (intestinal flukes) that I want to knock down fast.  These are causing all kinds of GI issues

My question to you is a recommended schedule for the Rife machine to go after these two (2) health challenges?

I tend to run the Rife through 1 or 2 full cycle per day (hands & feet during the holiday break – until 1/2) and all night on the feet only.

Can you recommend a plan that will best address these issues?  Should I alternate? Focus on one for a period of time then another? What will work best?

Thanks in advance and please post to the blog since this might be a common question


Mycobacteria do not contain endospores or capsules and are usually considered Gram-positive. Mycobacterial infections are notoriously difficult to treat. The organisms are hardy due to their cell wall, which is neither truly Gram negative nor positive. In addition, they are naturally resistant to a number of antibiotics that disrupt cell-wall biosynthesis, such as penicillin. Due to their unique cell wall, they can survive long exposure to acids, alkalis, detergents, oxidative bursts, lysis by complement, and many antibiotics. Most mycobacteria are susceptible to the antibiotics clarithromycin and rifamycin, but antibiotic-resistant strains have emerged.

So your battle with Myco, one of the toughest bacterium on this planet.  use these frequencies:

Mycobacterium Infections: 0.06, 0.32, 0.60, 409.65, 410.65, 410.00, 430.55, 434.20, 432.00, 825.00.

Notice the focus at 410-434.  These are the specific resonant frequencies of these pathogens.  You can also <RUN> on these individual frequencies.

Continue to use the Zapper for 2-3 months on this frequency set in order to make a real impact on this bacteria.

More serious gram positive bactria require a longer treatment period, and often permit a course of frequencies that may change every few weeks. Our devices have been used successfully to treat bacterial infections for thousands of people. Time and again, the results have shown that the extended treatment sessions have produced the best healing responses. Extended sessions are more convenient at night, so as not to interrupt daytime activities or work schedules. An overnight session with the straps attached to the feet will permit a deeper healing which will reach and penetrate the organs of the body.

Because the Zapper works using natural frequencies, three months may be a plausible time period for a remission of more serious disease conditions. Natural medicine works in this manner, on a more subtle level and over an extended period of time. Again, best results are achieved with the extended overnight treatment sessions.


Combining treatments – Cancer and Detox

The client suggests she has both breast cancer (BC) and ovarian cancer (OC).  It appears that the Breast cancer had metastasized to the ovary, which means this cancer originated in the breast and moved to other regions of the body, in this case the ovary.

Unfortunately the client did not resume the Electro therapy, and went to Chemotherapy and radioactive treatments, which seriously weakened her immune system and permitted the cancer to metastasize.

Client’s questions
I understand that usage of the Rife Machine increases toxics in the body. Should I combine RM cancer treatment with RM detox-sessions?
If it’s so, how should I build my agenda with RM sessions?

If you are able to combine treatments then do so.  It is of far greater importance that you use extended sessions with your Rife Machine (RM), such as overnight, rather than “chopping and changing” between frequency sets with shorter runs.  it appears that your Rife Machine is not a “Rife Digital Ultimate” model, which is now one of the most powerful.  Check Voltage rate is 16.5v DC minimum output, with a minimum of 4500ma (AMPs) power supply.  According to Dr Rife, the higher power does permit the deeper penetration of the accurate frequencies.
What Detox frequencies should I use: toxin-extraction or Liver, Kidney,lymph, Intestine, scars?

Start with Toxic extraction, and then move to organ detox:

Detox: [ Baklayan – Germany set ]
Detox: (Toxin extraction) 0.20, 0.14, 0.33, 0.42, 0.44, 0.55, 0.52, 0.76, 0.78, 1.86,
Detox: (Liver, Kidneys, Lymph, Intestine, Scars): 0.03, 0.54, 0.75, 0.02, 0.24, 0.15, 0.52, 0.44, 0.64, 0.18

May I use RM during chemo therapy treatments (usually 3 sessions in a row every 21 days)?
What frequencies should I use? Continue to use BC and OC frequencies or detox only, or both depend on the day after chemo?

Use only “Detox” frequencies during Chemo,  Use BC and OC frequencies after Chemo sessions.  This order helps prevent a severe Herxheimer effect which can occur with the Cancer Frequency Set combined with Chemo treatment.

I’m also wondering if I use RM properly. I mean I use only foot straps (that were included into the kit I got) at the night time. I don’t feel any irritation on my soles of the feet. So, I can’t say if contact is OK, or not. But again my sleep state is good now!

If you are not running the Ultimate model, then upgrade your Rife Machine.  It is imperative to have the highest power device for Cancer Treatments.  Using the Rife Ultimate with the straps attached to the feet overnight would be the best choice.  You will not feel the Rife output so greatly on the soles of the feet.  Thick soles permit the frequency transmission, without skin rash or other associated symptoms.


Techinical Information

Rife Ultimate

Rife Digital Ultimate

Readout is in Kilohertz which is 1000 times HZ
RD-Ultimate model uses RF
All models use crystal controllers
Gating is unclear terminology


ETD vs the Universal List

ETD Updated Frequencies

How can I use the Universal List of frequencies with the Rifes and the Zappers?

The new machines are in Khz (kilohertz)

In order to use her old number she has to divide 3888 Hz by 1000 to give the KHZ number: So if the number you are trying to convert is 3888.88 then divide that by 1000 to get the KHZ number.

3888 / 1000 = 3.88Khz

Use 3.88Khz on the Rife Digital

The universal list is now over 5 years old and has not been updated.  She would be better using the newer updated ETD list, it has proven itself to be effective for thousands of clients.  (now about 6000 clients use ETD)


Medically Approved Power Adapters

Meddically Approved Power Adapters

Medically approved power adapters that come with the Zapper MHz, Zapper Ultra, Rife Bioreonanz, and the Rife Ultimate


Adding Alligator Clips to work with Accessories

Adding alligator clips to Rife or Zapper.  So I have included a ZIP file attachments with photos 1-6 showing you the step by step instructions to add alligator clips to the Rife / Zapper Digital models.

Please note that I only pictured the 9 inch cable for demonstration purposes.  The client must purchase the 40 inch RCA splitter cable or longer as there will be a requirement to use the cable on different parts of the body, therefore the extended cable is necessary.

Please also note that this alligator clip accessory will permit a user to adapt the Rife/Zapper Digital to other devices and accessories on the market such as zappicators and steel footplates.  We do not intend to market an accessory like this as a featured product anytime in the future, so clients may purchase these cheap accessories from Radio Shack or similar stores and follow this easy photo demonstration of how to connect Rife Digital to Alligator clips.

As you may know, we do not sell the Zappicators, because none of them work.  Bacteria thrive on the Zappicator when observed with a microscope.  This information and photos will be introduced later as time allows.

Below step by step:

Tools Required (Use 40" RCA Splitter)

2. Cut Plugs off RCA Splitter

Step 3: Use Wirestrpper to Cut Off Insulator from wire.

Step 4: Strip Wires As Shown

Step 5: Connect Wires to Alligator Clips

Step 6: Final Step



Do not change the programs too often, but focus on one disease that you want to treat with one Frequency Set. Conduct regular treatments (5 days with 2 days rest), until your symptoms have disappeared. Sometimes it is recommended to use 2 different frequency sets for one particular illness; in this case switch between the 2 sets in weekly intervals. If you do not feel any change within 5 days, then you probably are working with a wrong frequency set and you should try something different.

Follow the above suggestions (5.4) for both the Rife machines and the Zappers and the client will soon decipher the most effective frequency set for treatment, from the 2 given sets.