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Babies, how young?

Question:  Can I hook up my 6 month old baby to a zapper or a Rife?


6 months to 1 year is OK, but only for 30 minutes at one time.  Use only with the rechargeable battery, as the soles of babies feet are smooth, and straps should not be on DC power.

You can set the Mhz up for 30 minutes on 20 minutes off in this manner

Program 1: 30Khz
Program 2: 30Khz
Program 3: 30Khz
Program 4: 0.00
Program 5: 0.00
Program 6: 30Khz
Program 7: 30Khz
Program 8: 30Khz
Program 9: 0.00
Program 10: 0.00

30Khz is an example and can be changed into any frequency from the book
0.00 is the zero input and tells the Rife/Zapper to turn off for 10 minutes

In this example above the Rife/Zapper plays 30Khz for 30 minutes (1,2,3) and then turns off for 20 minutes (4,5) back on 30Khz for 30 minutes (6,7,8) and then turns off for 20 minutes (9,10)  The machine will loop again unless the user switches off a 100 minutes.

You can use the smaller model Rife-bio or Zapper-Mhz+ with battery, but not the powerful models, not the Ultra or Ultimate.  You also have to supply blue flex straps for babies feet.  Soles only.

Accessories will cost extra (Battery/Flex straps) These you will need to call in to request, they cost only $7.99 and this includes shipping – unless we are shipping international.  If so there will be an additional charge of $10.  The phone number is:  425-419-4849


Can Children Use A Zapper or Rife?

Yes.  I use a Zapper Digital on my 1 year old daughter and my 4 year old.  We usually only do 7 days on the feet while they sleep, and run 3 sessions per night, which is about 4hr:30min max per night.  This keeps the kids free from parasites.  We do it once a month.

Dr . S.J. advocated this regime for me, so it still applies for other people

It works wonders especially for children in constant contact with dogs, cats, horses etc. The parasites jump from animals to human quite easily, so once a month treatments are essential.