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Grand Mal Epilepsy

Below is the question and answer regarding Epilepsy:


Presently, I take Topiramate, 100 mg, 1 tablet 3 times daily for grand mal epilepsy. Gabapentin, 100 mg, 2 capsules in morning and 2 capsules at bedtime for anxiety and to control the auras of a seizure that happen after I go to sleep-which wake me up. And Tecta, 40 mg, right now the doctor has increased from 1 to 2 tablets in the morning until I get a scope done. Also, the doctor precribed Sulcrafate 200mg/ml, 1 teaspoonful 3 times daily before meals, but I won’t take it. I’m having problems, more often than not, with food getting stuck in my easophagus and not/or having a hard time/ going all the way down. When I told the doctor this she got concerned and said that I had scar tissue and presribed this medicine until a scope could be done. When I did research, this is to coat intestinal ulcers and it is full of aluminum. I’ve had suspicion all along about the ulcers because of the topiramate and acid reflux which I have really really bad (sorry I don’t know what I just did to my writing) and I’m in sorry shape from stem to stern. A few weeks back I couldn’t eat at all and my naturopath put me on a product called Metagenics UltraInflamex. After 4 days I slowly started back on solids again. But believe me I don’t eat much – ever.
I eat my homemade vegetable soup for breakfast with 3 tbsp of Bob’s beans ( which I’ve bottled myself). My body won’t allow me more than 3 tablespoons per day. Plus I add 1 tbsp coconut oil. My body won’t allow more than 1 tbsp per day.
2 hours before this I’ve taken 1 topiramate, 2 gabapentin, 2 tecta in 4 cups water because my body won’t take the topiramate with food and a glass of water anymore.
Also with that soup I have 2 slices sesame Ezekial bread with 1 tbspoon cold-pressed Olive oil on each slice. Half way through I take my supplements.2 Pancreatin, 1 Tumeric (New Chapters), 2 of 6 Acidophilus which I take throughout the day (11 billion each), 2 O3mega oils and 2 of 4 mineral capsules because on the weekend I take heavy metal cleanse capsules.
My doctor has also told me that I could be in early alzheimers. I knew that at least 6 months before she did which was around last december. I have mild  bouts on and off in which I recognize that something is dearly wrong and it scares me terribly. My naturopath has me on Pancreatinum 2 pellets every night, Calc Carb 2 pellets tuesday, thursday and saturday, Cerebrinum 4ch 2 pellets in morning and 2 in evening monday, wednesday, friday, and Hypophysine 30ch, 2 pellets in morning and 2 in evening tuesday, thursday, and saturday.
Since the pain got worse in my guts I was doing castor oil packs an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening and was just getting saturated when the zapper arrived. Accept that my left kidney was getting VERY sore. I put the zapper on campilobactor for half time the first night. My kidney was sore all night long. The next morning I put the zapper on inflammation and sat through the whole set. Other than feeling a little tired, overall I don’t feel to bad-considering.
At lunch I usually have a romaine lettuce and celery salad with half can salmon with 2 Pancreatin. Supper is usually chicken (home-grown) or fish with fresh vegetables-kale if possible or salad. 4 ounce of aloe vera juice is spread through the day too.
I also take Unda 9 and 228 am and pm for my nerves.

I have been full of parasites and have tried to get rid of them for many years with Hulda Clarke’s Methods. But to no avail. The only thing I haven’t tried is the zapper. The parasites come out my ears, nose skin, butt. I can feel them coming through the skin where my stomach is, where my left ovary is, over my left upper lip, my lower eylids, my eyebrows, my scalp is itchy, I have candida. I’ve been on deaths door twice if not 3 times.This may be the end if you can’t help me. Thank you so much for your time and for putting the money out to call me.  Please do what you can to help me. I really appreciate your time and energy in figuring out the most important codes to put in the zapper at this present time. Awaiting your reply.


Granmal are now more commonly known in the medical practice as Tonic-Colonic Seizures.

Your Question, and the Answer:

Tonic–clonic seizures are very serious, and in this case is not been assisted by the cocktail of drugs the client is taking.  The drugs quoted here have serious implications to health and contraindications.

In answer to the clients request about Rife Digital for treatment of Tonic–clonic seizures:  Rife Digital electronically stimulates the nerve cells in both the brain and spinal cord to introduce a stabilization of the seizures, to return function after an attack, prevent new attacks, and prevent disability.   It would not cause any further problems or seizures.  Even with the use of the Rife, Seizures may occur over a period of a week or 2, however they will reduce during over time.  It is suggested to use the Rife overnight with the straps on the feet to assist with the remission processes.

From the June/2011 frequency book:

Tonic–clonic seizures (gran mal) 0.05, 0.12, 0.22, 0.58, 1.38, 5.39, 15.25, 30.71, 50.11, 66.21

Lower frequencies are used to treat this condition.

The continuous use of these pharmaceutical can only cause more problems in the long run, and will prevent the Rife treatments working in the capacity required for the healing of this condition.



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