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HPV and Straps

The question was in reference to irritation on the hands while using the machine and HPV that is not going away easily.

The blisters appearing on the top of her hands are sensitivity to the Flex Strap conductive material.  This is very rare however my comments in the previous email to, I think his name was Nick, in the last email I sent you, also apply to Amy.  Place a cloth under the flex band circumference, and only permit the silver plate to touch the skin directly at the point of the palm.  She also indicated that she held the plates without wrapping the flex strap over the palm.  This is also a good method.

The Warts, HPV, and other undiagnosed conditions are all a result of HPV.  While this virus is resident in the blood, the symptoms of warts, tumors and other diseases will prevail.  HPV can morph and the fixed frequency sets may not apply to all people.  My suggestion is to <RUN> 434 Khz overnight for 4 days, and then switch to the detox (toxin extraction) frequency set for 3 days.  If a difference is felt with this new routine, then continue the treatment program for 30 days in this manner.

There is “method to my madness”, maybe not an appropriate words for a Doctor, however for those who follow this blog, you may notice that I selected the Detox set here:

Detox: (Toxin extraction) 0.20, 0.14, 0.33, 0.42, 0.44, 0.55, 0.52, 0.76, 0.78, 1.86,

… Not just for the toxic reducing affect for the patient, but also because virus in general occupies the very low ranges of the frequency bandwidth.  For this reason the client will have a combination treatment of detox with a range of frequencies specific to a broader bandwidth of general virus frequency sets.

My last comments for Amy are also similar to Nick’s.  The problem has become critical or chronic because of a punctured immune function.  It is of no use chasing all the symptoms with the Rife Machine, plotting in numerous frequency codes for this, that and the other, when the primary cause for the condition to go chronic is a suppressed immune function.

Again I will point the client into a 2 part program.  Rife treatments with the new frequency sets above, and secondly to purchase one of the very best Chinese herb immuno building herbs: Astragalus… You will find this herb on or similar shopping cart.

Astragalus: 1000mg capsules / tablets

Start with 5 tablets per day and build up to 10000mg (10 doses) over a period of one month combined with Rife Machine treatments.


Blue Straps

The new “Flex Straps” have 50% more conductivity in the “Blue cotton” elastic.  This means the blue straps are 50% more efficient in carrying the frequencies than the old Vinyl straps.  Some people will now feel the ‘static’ energy of the frequencies over the whole foot, rather than just under the foot.  My advise is to place a handkerchief or a strip of cotton sheet under the blue part of the strap, where it touches the upper foot. Do not cover the stainless steel plate.  This will remove the frequency contact of the blue flex strap at the top and sides of the feet.

This applies to the blue straps regardless of the machine model, be it a Rife or Zapper and a MHz, Ultra, Rife Bioresonanze or the Rife Ultimate.


Cleanse, Straps and Yeast


We purchased the Zapper Digital Megahertz Ultra Series Machine. We also recieved the new blue straps–thankyou very much.
Now, we have 2 problems.
First, My husband is using the Zapper Digital Megahertz. Without going into the depth of his problems, he does have yeast problems and he put the machine on candida last evening and for the night. He woke up in the night around 3:30 AM or 4AM with his knee throbbing and had to shut off the machine. When he got up to walk around he said the pain subsided. Do you have any idea why this happened???


Knee throbbing is a Herxheimer reaction (pg 4/5 in the book).  This will pass over time, however allow more time between treatments  and this should subside after the body has DETOXED.  Advice:  Run the German Detox frequencies for a few days, they are ultra low, so are more gentle with the detox processes.


Secondly, I’m using the Zapper Digital Megahertz Plus Series. The last time we talked on the phone you were going to find out for me if there was any way to cleanse this liver without using citrus because I can’t do citrus. When we talked, my liver and back were in a flame like I was in a constant hot flash.Days afterwards it got worse so that I had trouble breathing and the pain in the front and back made me bend. So, waiting for you to get back to me, I did research on the internet and since Sunday January 29th I wrapped my midrift straight around in castor oil–with the help of my husband of course–tthen put a flannel cloth all around and a clip, then put hot water bottles on for 20 minutes then went to bed with the machine on FATTY LIVER.
Every day I’m suppose to–according to this sight–drink 1/2 teaspoon olive oil 3 times a day, juice an apple in the morning and at night. Also juice half a beet and it’s greens in the day.
I haven’t been able to juice AT ALL for about a year. My body just won’t accept it! As soon as I started the castor oil packs I did as I was told. Juiced the apple in the morning. Made 2 cups juice mixture with the half beet and greens and juiced the apple in the evening. WHAT WAS GOING ON??? MY BODY WAS ACCEPTING IT AND STILL IS!!! The thing is that now my body wants and needs double the beets. The heat is gone eccept when the machine is on. And my liver is still sore.   According to that sight I was suppose to see stones within a week and I haven’t seen any yet. So I still need to cleanse. Any ideas???


Liver cleanse without citrus?  Use only olive oil at the amount specified in the Dr Clark liver cleanse recipe.  Use Epson salts and eliminate grapefruit-juice/Lemon juice.  Results are not as good, but you will still get good stone evictions.  1/2 a teaspoon will not do anything, you have to follow the Dr Clark recipe precisely and eliminate the citrus requirement.


And another thing, when I use the blue straps any more than 1 complete cycle through ( 1 hour 40 minutes) I’m breaking out in itchy welts on my left foot–at least 4 or 5.  So I can’t stand wearing them.  Do you know why this is happening????   I did start to break out a little on the right foot or it did start to itch but I didn’t allow it to happen long enough to scar. But I definitely have the scars on the left.  I let it go a couple of days at first thinking it was nothing and tried it again for overnight. The next day I was in the tub washing–lo and behold my foot was covered.

The new “Flex Straps” have 50% more conductivity in the “Blue cotton” elastic.  This means the blue straps are 50% more efficient in carrying the frequencies than the old Vinyl straps.  Some people will now feel the ‘static’ energy of the frequencies over the whole foot, rather than just under the foot.  My advise is to place a handkerchief or a strip of cotton sheet under the blue part of the strap, where it touches the upper foot. Do not cover the stainless steel plate.  This will remove the frequency contact of the blue flex strap at the top and sides of the feet.


Using 4 Straps or Two – Which is Better?

This question came in from someone with Kidney Cancer:

Do I use 4 straps or 2 which is better?

To answer this, from a technical point of view, rather than a clinical point:

Firstly: The “Ultimate” model is 4500ma.  This higher amp model allows for more straps to be plugged in, without the loss of any power.  So effectively, plugging 4 straps in, is equal to having 2 machines plugged into you at the same time on the Ultimate series.  The MED adapter will push a higher “Amp” load once the Rife Machine senses the extra resistance created by the second set of cables attached to the body.

Secondly: The Distribution becomes even throughout the lower and upper body.  A more
“even” full body treatment is achieved.

Thirdly: 4 strap treatments are not recommended on the overnight treatment sessions.  The only reason being, is the user may find him/herself tangled in the many wires attached to the upper/lower body while sleeping.  There is a much less likelihood of this when you use “foot only straps” for the overnight sleep sessions.

Follow the Frequency Manual under the Kidney Cancer frequencies, and key these codes into the machine.

Cancer: Kidney Cancer (renal cell cancer): 0.13, 0.57, 0.78, 12.27, 68.29, 135.25, 272.72, 434.53, 733.91, 836.42

Follow the instruction book under “serious disease treatments”

6.3. Serious Disease Treatments: More serious diseases often require a longer treatment period, and often permit a course of frequencies that may change every few weeks. Our devices have been used successfully to treat serious diseases for thousands of people. Time and again, the results have shown that the extended treatment sessions have produced the best healing responses. Extended sessions are more convenient at night, so as not to interrupt daytime activities or work schedules. An overnight session with the straps attached to the feet will permit a deeper healing which will reach and penetrate the organs of the body. For example the intestines are an organ that could previously not be reached by early frequency devices; now with the ETD, one can eliminate parasites and pathogens that inhabit the intestine and other organs such as the liver, kidneys, gall and stomach. However it does take time, and you are required to use frequencies that resonate closely with the pathogen or parasite involved. We recommend the <SWEEP> mode for this purpose as it scrolls through the 10 frequencies every 10 minutes in a loop cycle. Each frequency resonates with the healing program in order to treat the particular disease condition. Because the ETD works using natural frequencies, three months may be a plausible time period for a remission of more serious disease conditions. Natural medicine works in this manner, on a more subtle level and over an extended period of time. Again, best results are achieved with the extended overnight treatment sessions.


Straps – Hands and Feet

Can we alternate the feet and hand straps?

Straps are marked Foot and Hands, however you can alternate them.  The straps are thus marked as particular clients may not wish to alternate used foot straps onto their hands for hygiene reasons.


How To Use the Straps

Using the straps in sensitive skin area despite the above described tingling sensation for a long time, can cause a local rash. If you really need to treat at these locations, please move the straps regularly every few minutes, in case of tingly sensation. The best places to conduct treatments over a longer time period are the palms of your hands and/or soles of your feet.

7.5. How to wear Straps Caution Using Straps on the Wrists may cause skin irritation The best place to carry out several hours of treatment (such as overnight) is the soles of the feet in a way that the stainless steel button touches the bottom of your feet. The soles of the feet have very thick skin and are able to tolerate long periods of electrotherapy. We recommend using the straps preferably at the soles of the feet in a way that the blue conductive coating touches the undersides of the feet. The stainless steel button must always touch the soles.


Straps – Does the Color Matter?

Blue Straps are Hand Straps, Green Straps are foot straps.  Yes you can use all 4 straps at the same time.  No requirements for switching them around.  Use the RCA splitter cable supplied to connect all 4 straps to the machine.  They are labeled feet and hands for those who like to keep them separate.  But, other than the labeling there is no difference between the hands and feet straps.  You can use them inter-changeably.


More On The Differences

Now there are differences between the Rife Machine and Zapper Digital.  Full Rife Machines are exceptionally more powerful devices and have a light tube attached to them.  The Rife machine runs on 110v AC which is converted down to 12/24DC inside the machine.  This output stage is about 4000ma, and is then connected to a frequency generator (very similar device to Zapper Digital).  The output from the Frequency generator drives a Coil, similar to that found inside a car.  This coil produces up to 10,000volts. this is then connected to a “Phanotron Tube”, a very expensive light tube filled with rare gasses.  The person sits in front of the tube with their feet on a steel plate connected to ground.  The frequencies travel through the body and heal the body through the light produced by this powerful tube. The closer to the tube you sit, the greater the penetration of the frequencies.  Good Rife machines with all accessories will cost you $4000 – $5000,  You can also buy simple Frequency Generators like Zapper Digital for under $450 which are only 1 stage or part of the entire Rife setup”

(Dr Susan:)
Phyllis, This may be why your friend only used the Rife Machine for 5 minutes.  If you understand the technical information above, you will see that Rife Machines produce frequencies in a much more powerful way than your Zapper can do, simply because the frequencies are travelling through the source of “Light” rather than the wire attached to the feet or hands.  To do a similar function, one may need to use a Zapper for a much longer time, like 1 hour and 40 minutes, to get anywhere near the results of a 10,000v Rife Machine.  The output of Zapper Digital is only 4.5v (multimeter reading), low enough to be safe for children, yet not so high as to cause a major Herxheimer reaction.
I have included a picture here from the website, if you have pictures activated on your gmail, with straps fitted to the hands, and to the feet.
For more information or to purchase click Here for HealthProducts2 or Here for RifeDigital

MHz & Straps

The Straps supplied with Zapper digital have a stainless steel button “plate” attached to the bottom of them.  This allows for “Plate Zapping” and also allows freedom of movement of the feet while plate zapping..

Zapper Digital MHz is supplied with 4 straps which can be used on all hands and feet simultaneously, or if you choose just on the feet or the hands.

For more information click here for HP2 and here for HuldaClarkZappers