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Should the unit get hot?

The manual that comes with the zapper emphasizes how hot the unit gets when in use. My zapper barely gets a little warm in one spot. I have not been getting any results with it. I wonder if it is defective. I would like to return it for a refund, unless when you test it you find it to be defective, in which case I will take a replacement. Please send instructions for returning the zapper


The page you refer to indicates the 16 volt Ultra version.  This Ultra edition did get hot when it was originally designed.

Your Zapper Digital Plus 12v model always ran cool.  Indications of heat are by no means a barometer to indicate effective frequency output.

The Zapper Digital are designed to give subtle frequencies over a longer period of time.  Some people feel the frequency immediately, some peoples skin sensitivity is different.

The Zapper Digital is tuned to the highest voltage/frequency output without causing skin rash/burn, (so it is pre-set to the highest value).

You will likely feel the frequency output more with the silver buttons facing the wrist area than on the palms.  Use the Zapper straps on your wrist. with silver button facing the inside of your wrist.


Where they are made

The machines are manufactured in Germany, all accessories, books, cables, straps, power adapters and bags are made in Asia and packed in Asia with the machine.


Duty Cycle

A duty cycle is defined as the ratio between the pulse duration (τ) and the period (Τ) of the Square waveform, and is purely used in electronics as a description of the waveform produced by a frequency signal.

For example Rife Digital produces a frequency, of say 30Khz,  within that frequency is a pulse less than one second, the “Duty Cycle” is the time it takes for the wave to run from its lowest point to the highest point and back again. (0.5 second up and 0.5 second down)

As this occurs on a continuous basis while using the Rife, the user is unaware of this occurring.  The Duty cycle is set by the Engineers in the laboratory and cannot be altered from its preset state.

The Duty Cycle a client/patient may be inquiring about would more likely be the program cycle of the Rife which is 10 minutes, this translates into 600 Duty Cycles per frequency.  If the Client wants to run 1200 Duty Cycles, he would enter the same frequency twice in a row for example.

Really it is best to converse in “Frequencies” or “Time” which makes an easier to understand platform for most non-technical persons.