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Chronic Problems


Does the MMS, Miracle Mineral Solution draw Oxygen from the blood?

I was using the MMs and despite that it does effectively kill parasites it made me much sicker in fact I’ve now developed a huge abcess of MRSA in my breast since taking it.  And I might have to have surgey on it next week if the antibiotics the doctor gave me and all the vitamins, herbs and supplements don’t reduce the MRSA mass.  It’s extremely painful to say the least.

I have ordered 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and will take that
instead of the MMS because it increases blood oxygen and kills off
parasites and bacteria.  But I still don’t know what settings on the
Zapper to use to kill the springtail parasites.  The general parasite
settings aren’t very helpful, morgellons and scabies one’s are better.

Like I said after using the MMS I did poop out a lot of white, tiny,
long treadworms but no more since then.  But as a precaution I have
been running the settings for Threadworms for one round each day.  For
the parasites I run the scabies setting because I don’t know what
settings kill off springtails..  For the mold/fungus that showed up in
my bloodwork I started running the Candida settings for one round as
well.  Then the rest of the day is on sweep with the chronic
morgellons settings.

My skin is much, much worse then when I first started using the Zapper
Plus.  To be honest, I’ve only gotten sicker since I switched from the
Plus to the Ultra one.  I just thought at first it was a herkzimer
reaction but my body is completely failing me.  So I desperately need
to build oxygen in my blood and kill off the parasites and nasty MRSA
bacteria.  So I pray the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide works.

So what settings will kill the springtails and steno maltophilla
bacteria?  (That’s what Dr. Amin found in the sample I sent him a
while ago.)

Are there no settings to increase blood oxygen?  Because the rouleau
(lack of oxygen) in my blood is really, really bad, all my red blood
cells are sticking together in worm type forms instead of floating
around separately.  Any further suggestions for using the Zapper would
be helpful.

One very sick puppy L


Hydrogen Peroxide is not stable, and can cause adverse side affects.

The following suggested product is called “Stabilized Oxygen” because the Oxygen molecule is stabilized and is immune to these side affects


(from the web, and I know first hand that this is correct – below)

Swallowing dilute (3%) hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous. Taking this product internally has been reported to cause the following problems:

Nausea and vomiting
Burns in the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach
Bleeding in the stomach
Inflammation of the intestines
Stomach ulcer
Rupture of the colon.
MMS will not draw oxygen from the blood, however it will not add oxygen either. By adding the ACID you have synthesized Sodium Chlorite into Chlorine Dioxide.  Sodium Chlorite itself will provide the oxygen to your Blood.  However once this is mixed with Citric acid activator it becomes the “unstable” Chlorine Dioxide

My suggestion is to either purchase the already prepared Stabilized Oxygen from the link I gave you above, or use a 10:1 dilution of Sodium Chlorite (Dilute 10 x with filtered or distilled water only), and do not add the acid to this formula.

My other suggestion is to avoid Hydrogen Pyroxide, because as I mentioned, there are far more stable forms of oxygen that you can consume safely in your body.

A Rife Machine cannot increase oxygen in the blood.  This is not how the machine functions.  The Rife uses frequencies which kill bacteria, parasites and virus, and also provide subtle energy to regenerate tissue and increase vitality over time, and with extended use.

Various sources and publications have suggested that some springtails may parasitize humans, but this is entirely inconsistent with their biology, and no such phenomenon has ever been scientifically confirmed, though it has been documented that the scales or hairs from collembolans can cause irritation when rubbed onto the skin.  They may sometimes be abundant indoors in damp places such as bathrooms and basements, and incidentally found on one’s person.  For the reason that springtails are not identifiable as a human parasite, there is no listing in the Frequency book.  If they are found on ones person, this may only be a coincidence or related to this Collembola species been readily present in clothing or food.

Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that will infect the bronchial and to some extent the lungs, reducing breathing capacity.  Using Antibiotics for this treatment will only compromise the immune function and eventuate only negligible affects on this bacterium.

Use the Following frequencies for S. Maltophilia:

Bacterial Infections and Mycoses: 0.05, 0.37, 0.83, 2.50, 3.00, 73.30, 95.75, 175.00, 269.71, 355.08