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Helicobacter-pylori (parasitic) bacteria

Stomach Bacteria and Parasites live in a generally non oxygen environment (anaerobic).  All bacteria that maintain constant presence in the stomach are called “anaerobic bacteria”

The bacteria that prevails in most stomach conditions and is also the cause of stomach ulcers is the Helicobacter-pylori (parasitic) bacteria

Scientists have recently discovered that more than 80% of all ulcers have been created by an untreated Helicobacter-pylori (parasitic) bacteria condition within the stomach.

Products like Pepto Bismol and other related pharmaceutical drugs are useless in 80% of stomach relief, and will never resolve the problem, as the root cause is an untreated bacterial infection.

The Rife machine will help reduce the bacteria population through the elimination of pathogens through electrical current and frequency, as the Rife can penetrate the stomach and digestive organs and destroy the Helicobacter-pylori.

Here are the frequencies for

Helicobacter Pylori : 0.25, 0.85, 2.23, 30.00, 95.00, 107.10, 225.30, 438.95, 633.10, 823.41

You must also combine a Rife treatment with “Stabilized Liquid Oxygen” to oxygenate the stomach (and body) with a liquid oxygen supplement.  You can buy this online or at your natural health shops.

I would recommend 30 drops in water 3 times a day as a minimum treatment prescription.

This is one example of the product available:

These bacteria – Helicobacter-pylori, cannot live in the presence of oxygen.  The healing of ulcers will take more time, however once the bacteria are eliminated, there will be a faster recovery time.

Oxygen and the Rife treatments are the only known treatment “combination” to take on this aggressive anaerobic bacteria.

(Dr Peter Williams)