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Square Wave vs Sine Waves

Rife Digital and Zapper Digital are released with square wave, for we believe that the Dr Clark data on Square waves to be so convincing on killing pathogens, that we could not lower this standard.  The sine waves used with some Rife Machines were experimental only and it appears that the original Rife Machine did use Square waves primarily.  There was also some data on conversion of sine waves into square waves as a natural occurrence of using a Phanotron Light Bulb with the machine, but I cant find the data on this at the moment.  The new book has new and excellent technical information on page 12 of the manual, which gives a better understanding of how the waves are used with harmonics for healing.


AC vs DC Power

There is no AC Rife machine.  AC power will kill you,  All Rife machines/ Zapper, including ours are converted from AC to DC through a power coil or adapter.   All AC electricity is what comes out your Wall socket: 110v.  This is converted into Safe DC power though these adapters, whether they are internal or external.  Dr Clark’s Frequency generator, plugged into the 110v AC, but output was 5v DC.