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Water Retention

Use the following frequencies for Water Retention. (not in 2011 book)

Water Retention: 0.07, 0.18, 0.57, 7.50, 13.61, 122.50, 211.00, 305.85, 452.20, 591.43

“Difficulty in peeing” – If the client is Male and over 50 Years old, there is a high probability of a combination of Prostate enlargement and a lowered kidney function where the kidneys are no longer able to filter fluid out of the blood and turn it into urine efficiently. This problem often starts with inflammation, for instance in the case of diseases such as nephrotic syndrome or lupus. Once again, this type of water retention is usually visible in the form of swollen legs and ankles.

If the client is female, then the prostate part of the answer here should be omitted, and apply only the Lowered Kidney function to be one of the primary causes of this problem.

Client should follow the above frequencies with the Rife.  Also do a simple “Kidney Function” test via a blood sample at any clinic, and report results back to your local MD for evaluation.

Please do this quickly, as an untreated problem re: a male could result in rapid hospitilization and Urinary Catheterization