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Lichen Sclerosus

Both bacterial as well as viral pathogens have been implicated in the etiology of LS. A disease that is similar to LS involvement of spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi. Viral involvement of HPV and hepatitis C are also suspected.  Possibly the presence of Lyme Disease, detectable or non detectable has been considered a contributor.

Since LS in females is primarily found in women with a low estrogen state, hormonal influences are also an influence on the severity of this disease.

My suggestion is to try the Lyme Disease frequency set in order to evaluate the possibility of moving to other frequency sets, where these suspect pathogens may be resident, could make a difference in the healing processes using either the Rife or the Zapper.

Regarding the Son with Bartonella, consider the tick Bourne disease frequency sets, and also see what frequencies work well, and eliminate frequencies that do not appear to be assisting the condition.  Follow your instruction book page 4:

Do not change the programs too often, but focus on one disease that you want to treat with one Frequency Set. Conduct regular treatments (5 days with 2 days rest), until your symptoms have disappeared.

Sometimes it is recommended to use 2 different frequency sets for one particular illness; in this case switch between the 2 sets in weekly intervals. If you do not feel any change within 5 days, then you probably are working with a wrong frequency set and you should try something different.

The programmed frequency set of 10 frequencies is stored on a built-in memory card and remains the default program even if you turn off and unplug the device completely. If you want to delete the programmed set, please follow the instructions to reset the device.