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What is the difference between the Rife Ultimate & Zapper Ultra?

Dr. Rife believe in the zapping concept – as did Dr. Clark.  Dr. Rife, however, believed in the use of light as another facet of his treatment.  The cost of his light machine is currently too high.  So – the difference between the machines is that the Rife Machine has left a connection in the electronics to hook up a light machine should they bring a less costly one to market.


Rife Digital Ultimate Parts List

Click on the links below to see what is in the case.


RifeDigitalUltimateProductList – Parts List for the Rife Ultimate, what’s inside.

ZapperUltraProductList – Parts List for the Zapper Ultra, what’s inside

RifeBioresonanceProductList – Parts List for the Rife Bioresonance, what’s inside

ZapperMHzProductList – Parts List for the Zapper MHz Plus, what’s inside



Medically Approved Power Adapters

Meddically Approved Power Adapters

Medically approved power adapters that come with the Zapper MHz, Zapper Ultra, Rife Bioreonanz, and the Rife Ultimate


Rife Ultimate vs Zapper Ultra – the difference

The Rife Ultimate and the Zapper Ultra have almost identical features.  The exception to the rule is the Rife Ultimate comprises Phanatron pre-amp to run a Light.  This light device accessory is presently under development in Germany, and will be compatible with Ultimate


Programming the MHz or the Ultra

This client assumed that the machine was not working properly cause it didn’t seem that it was taking the programming.  After looking at these instructions the client was able to see what she was doing wrong and get the machine to work properly.

Zapper MHz

It appears that you are programming only one frequency, not the 10,  This is because you have to go back to i idle mode and move the arrow up to select the next frequency.

The menu will always show the position 0 (zero) unless you are in idle mode and move the arrow up.  When you move the arrow up you will be able to view each of the 10 frequencies in the machine.  pressing <PROGRAM> will edit any of these positions, and then <PROGRAM> again will record that menu position.  By default your Zapper Digital starts in  i idle mode when you turn the machine on.

Your object is to record over the default frequencies with your own selected frequency set from the manual.  positions 0-9 (100,200,300,400 – 999.99) will be erased by your new frequency sets.  You are not adding another set of frequencies, you are erasing the machine defaults with your own set.

I will attempt to put a more in depth step program here for you:

(1) Turn on Zapper Digital (ON)

(2) Use UP and Down arrow to preview the recorded frequencies.  Notice that next to i is a number.  This number represents which menu position you are looking at (0 – 9).  For example if you key up arrow three times you will see 400.00i3  This is 400Khz at position 3, (i means IDLE mode.)

(3) Okay, lets say we want to program this position 3 and put in a new frequency “510.00”.
-Click <PROGRAM>
-press UP once to make a 5
-press right key to move across 1 position,
-press UP once and now you have 510.00
-now press <PROGRAM> again, and your frequency is recorded in menu position 3.

(4) Turn off Zapper Digital, unplug power, turn on again and view position 3.  510.00 should be visible (510.00i3)

Use the example above to program any menu position.  You do not need to put programs in by sequence, you can program position 9, and then position 1, the sequence does not matter.  What is important is that you press <PROGRAM> again when you have keyed in your frequency, and that you select your next frequency in i Idle mode, and then use the <PROGRAM> key to change the frequency in this selected position.

– Press <PROGRAM> to change any frequency on the menu (0-9)
– Press <PROGRAM> again to record that frequency (and see [Wait…] appear on screen.)
– If you do not see  [Wait…] appear on screen after you have pressed <PROGRAM> then your frequency has not been recorded.
– Use UP and Down arrow in i Idle mode to select the next frequency to program

Each machine is tested completely by 3 Engineers in Germany so we never have had a menu program fault..  The problem you are having with the menu were resolved with a better understanding of the <PROGRAM> mode, through these 4 steps above, hopefully you can conquer the menu system, because it is a very easy and quick way to alter frequencies and introduce new frequencies into the machine.