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Meridian Zapping – Using All 4 Straps

4 straps worn at the same time are called “Meridian Zapping” or you could say “Meridian Rifing”

It works well in 2 ways

(1) Provides a good penetration of the healing frequencies in both the lower and upper body simultaneously.

(2) Allows the positive and ground current to intersect mid body around the heart, which permits the healing processes to be concentrated from the central point of the body.  See crossover point in picture below.

The 4 straps allow the movement of energy from the lower body, through to the upper meridians.””Zapper/Rife Digital Meridian Zapping allows a greater flow of energy through the Chakras.

Avoid wearing 4 straps at night, as 4 straps can tangle.  If using machine for treatments while sleeping just attach the two straps to the feet.


Meridian Zapping

Meridian Zapping requires you to place the cables on 2 hands, and 2 feet with the polarities of positive and negative in diagonal parallels (wow that was a mouthful)

Meridian Zapping

Use the RED plug on the Y strap to select the straps for the left hand and left foot.  The diagram shows how this meridian treatment moves through the heart chakra.