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Manufacturing of the Rife technology

The Rife Digital was developed for America, from a product designed in Germany and used in Germany for a number of years with great success.  The machine was based on the electronics of Dr Rife’s original Rife Machine, and the object of the developer was to keep the costs of production to a minimum, in order that the Rife Machine product could reach people who could not spend thousands of dollars on Rife Technology.

The Rife Digital machine manufacturer did not compromise on the quality of the electronics used.  All of which are sourced through Digikey; the most renown supplier of quality electronic equipment in USA.  All components are made by well know US companies such as “Microchip Technologies (US):, and Texas Instruments (US).

Likewise a team of Rife Machine medical staff in Germany have developed the ETDFL list since 2006: (Electro Therapy Device Frequency List” by combining the use of Quantum SCIO Bioresonance equipment and Rife Machines, to come up with the frequencies which are published in the ETDFL book released around June/July every year.  This is a huge and time absorbing task for the ETDFL team, and is supplied as public domain in Europe.  ETDFL is the list we use for Rife Digital, as the older 2006 CAFL list was found to be repetitive and used frequencies which did not apply or had few results.  CAFL stopped producing lists in 2006, probably for this very reason:  ETDFL-2011 uses CAFL-2006 frequencies where applicable.


Shipping and Manufacturing

We ship stock direct from India mainly for UPS deliveries to Australia, Japan and our Asia region customers, however at times of low stock in USA, we ship directly to customer in US from this Hub.

Most of the Dr Clark electronic products are now manufactured in Asia.  The actual circuit boards are made in Germany, however even Germany do not undertake factory assembly anymore, and are shipped to Asia for completion.  Dr Clark products are made under contract to Dr Clarks high standards and use excellent quality components.  We still use all computer chip components manufactured in Silicon Valley.

We don’t often realize manufacturing is done in Asia, because we buy so many products locally in USA, and assume they are all made here.  If we could find someone in US to manufacture to this high standard for us, we would, however like IBM, Apple and Intel, we realize that it makes economic sense to outsource the work in Asia.