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Default Frequencies

Default frequencies are for people who do not know what disease or medical problem/issue
they have.  Using the Rife machines or the zappers; By running from the lowest to the highest, allows a client to pinpoint the best frequency range to assist the problem.

Those frequencies are: in “i0” (to the far right of the digital read out on the machine you will see “i0” stands for idol 0 – use the up arrow to advance to bank “i1”, etc., look up programing if you need more on this)

In bank i0 – 100.00

In bank i1 – 200.00

In bank i2 – 300.00

In bank i3 – 400.00

In bank i4 – 500.00

In bank i5 – 600.00

In bank i6 – 700.00

In bank i7 – 800.00

In bank i8 – 900.00

In bank i9 – 999.99