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We have made contact with the Scleroderma Survivor, his name is Herman, originally from Germany, who is of good health to this day.  I have been told that he still has numbness of the fingers and the cold winters still cause problems with blood circulation, other than these minor issues at 65 years of age is fit and well.

He contracted the symptoms of Scleroderma in the late 1980’s and was positively diagnosed with this disease by a number of doctors.  They gave him 10 years to live and there was no treatment at this time for this disease.  In the 1980’s there were not even drugs available to assist in any way.

His method of self treatment was simple.  He followed the advise of a naturopath  who advised to get a blood test and identify his blood group.  Once this was done, he was advised to strictly follow the “Eat Right for your blood group type” diet.  He was advised that if he were to not follow the diet precisely as advised by Dr. Peter D’Adamo the founder of this diet, then a cure would be unlikely.

The book for this diet can be bought at Amazon books here:

“Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight”

You can also buy this book at a bigger book store.
Herman will also send me a page of information outlining all aspects of his self initiated treatment program, and has asked me if we could create a web page to assist others, which we agreed to do.
We were advised that Herman did not use the Rife Machine or Dr Clark Zappers, as they were not promoted so well around 20 years ago.  The only information I have on the Rife Machine is that it has been used to treat scleroderma, and that specific frequency sets were devised to treat this condition, and these sets were formulated in 2006 by the CAFL (rife) group, which use Bio-resonance to discover the correct frequencies to use for healing treatment with the Rife Machines.
Dr Clark herself did not provide information or frequencies for scleroderma.