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One of our clients has stopped his through-the-night nightly use [for Parkinson’s] due to dizziness upon awaking in the morning.

Any suggestions?  Causes?


This is a minor detox and a Herx.

Put the client on the Baklayan Detox set for a week to help with toxin elimination.

This usually resolves the problem of morning lethargy.

If the dizziness / lethargy continues, cut back the night hours until the Herx has passed.

When I do a parasite cleanse for myself on the Ultimate, I always get morning lethargy, Almost like a hangover.  This usually passes in about 10 minutes, and is due to the treatment with the Rife.

Herx reactions are a positive sign that the treatments are working, Sometimes its “no pain, no gain” as Dr Pete often says.  The client will see it differently though, no-one likes the Herx


Parkinsonian disorders

Parkinsonian disorders relate to the “symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease” caused by neurological disorders triggered by adverse affect to pharmaceutical drugs and/or neuroleptic medications. The symptoms include trembling of the fingers or hands, a shuffling gait, and tight or rigid muscles.  This can occur without a positive identification of Parkinson’s Disease.

If Steve has a Parkinson’s patient, then use only the Parkinson’s Disease frequency set.


Cataracts and Parkinson Disease

Cataracts develop for a variety of reasons, including long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, exposure to radiation, secondary effects of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and advanced age, or trauma (possibly much earlier); they are usually a result of denaturation of lens protein. Genetic factors are often a cause of congenital cataracts and positive family history may also play a role in predisposing someone to cataracts at an earlier age, a phenomenon of “anticipation” in pre-senile cataracts. Cataracts may also be produced by eye injury or physical trauma.
The Rife Machine uses specifically selected frequencies to assist with the healing processes and can assist especially when cataracts are a result of secondary effects of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and advanced age, or trauma.

Cataract: 0.03, 0.41, 15.19, 87.50, 122.06, 312.33, 532.41, 655.20, 750.00, 927.10, – It will not hurt the other eye that has already had surgery.

Neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s occur as a result of neurodegenerative processes. Neurodegeneration can be found in many different levels of neuronal circuitry ranging from molecular to systemic. Therapeutic treatments like Rife machine electro therapy stimulation are considered one of the alternative treatments for many Neurodegenerative diseases.

The Rife Machine can bring positive electronic frequency pulses into the body that align with the healing process of the spinal cord and the brain.  The Spine responds very well to electrical impulses, and certain frequencies produce positive responses within the body, and promote healing.

One would have to allow 30 days of treatment with Rife Digital to begin to see the positive effect of the electronic frequency therapy.  We suggest to use Rife Digital at night for 6 hours or more for the treatment of Parkinson’s and similar diseases.  Use the straps on the base of the feet for the extended therapy sessions.

The 3500 Disease/Pathogen ETDFL book supplied with Rife Digital lists a number of frequencies next to each disease condition.  The object of the treatment with Rife Digital is to program the appropriate list into the machine in order to reverse or send into remission any particular disease.  This is achieved through the use of specific electronic frequencies known to eliminate pathogens and diseases.

Listed are frequency settings for parkinsons:

Parkinson Disease: 0.08, 0.35, 0.65, 0.83, 9.50, 115.71, 255.83, 485.43, 692.50, 825.00