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Anaplasmosis is a disease caused by a rickettsial parasite of ruminants, The organism occurs in the white blood cells and is transmitted by natural means through by a number of haematophagous species of ticks.
Use Frequency set:
Anaplasmosis: 0.10, 0.24, 0.80, 15.20, 32.50, 97.50, 322.06, 377.91, 492.50, 723.00

Use the Zapper thoughout the night period, looping automatically through the above frequency sets.  If you have the time to use the zapper during the day period, continue to do so.
Use the Zapper in this manner for 7 days.  Alow a rest for 2 days, and then continue for another 7 days.  After 21 days of treatment, most parasital infections will be eliminated, the blood resident organism Anaplasmosis will take longer to be completely eradicated from the body, 60 day treatment showed the best result for eliminating this pathogen (originally carried by the parasite)