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Stomach Bacteria and Parasites

“Stomach Bacteria and Parasites live in a generally non oxygen environment (anaerobic).  All bacteria that maintain constant presence in the stomach are called “anaerobic bacteria”

The bacteria that prevails in most stomach conditions and is also the cause of stomach ulcers is the Helicobacter-pylori (parasitic) bacteria

Scientists have recently discovered that more than 80% of all ulcers have been created by an untreated Helicobacter-pylori (parasitic) bacteria condition within the stomach.

Products like Pepto Bismol and other related pharmaceutical drugs are useless in 80% of stomach relief, and will never resolve the problem, as the root cause is an untreated bacterial infection.

The Rife Ultimate will help reduce the bacteria population through the elimination of pathogens through electrical current and frequency, as the frequencies can penetrate the stomach and digestive organs and destroy the Helicobacter-pylori.

Program in the Ulcer frequencies
(Peptic Ulcer: 0.13, 0.49, 0.62, 9.93, 43.39, 105.67, 232.50, 342.52, 625.35, 975.54)

You must also combine a Rife treatment with “Stabilized Liquid Oxygen” to oxygenate the stomach (and body) with a liquid oxygen supplement.  You can buy this online or at your natural health shops.

I would recommend 30 drops in water 3 times a day as a minimum treatment prescription.

This is one example of the product available:

These bacteria – Helicobacter-pylori, cannot live in the presence of oxygen.  The healing of ulcers will take more time, however once the bacteria are eliminated, there will be a faster recovery time.

Oxygen and Electrotherapy is the only known treatment combination to take on this aggressive anaerobic bacteria”



This was in reference to a question about bacterial infections, staph and strep.


Below are the Clark Range of frequencies.  They are included in the ETD book, however the client can use each one on a <RUN> program, as these frequencies are specific to each bacteria type.  Client can choose frequencies according the the symptoms:

Staphylococcus aureus (culture) 376.27 380.85

Streptococcus mitis lung infection, tooth infection, abscesses, causes stiff knees
313.8 321.1 318

Streptococcus pneumoniae causes pneumonia and inner ear disease 366.85 370.2 368

People must use the Zapper/Rife overnight in order to eliminate serious bacterial infections.  1 hour a day of zapper or rife digital machine use is simply not enough.  99% of all people who say they are not receiving benefit are only using the machine for 1 or 2 hours per week.  You really have to hammer these gram negative antibiotic resistant bacteria with the extended overnight sessions for a minimum of 21 days.

Remember, when people say they have no benefits from the Zapper, always question the frequency of use.  There are so many people who want the silver bullet cure, but couldn’t be bothered to zap more than a few hours each week.



This is a question from someone challenged with bacteria.  His email wasn’t working so we did this over the phone.  I hope I got all the spelling right.

What frequencies should be used for the bacteria listed below?


coagualse negative stathylocottus




The following frequencies apply, some conditions are not completely decipherable

Staphylococcal Infections: 0.05, 0.41, 0.80, 5.25, 87.50, 42.50, 376.27, 378.00, 380.85, 381.00,

Enterocolitis, Pseudomembranous: 361.00, 362.00, 364.55, 382.80, 384.00, 389.00, 391.15, 394.20, 396.00, 398.10,

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