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Frequencies for Rife, Zappers and Varigamma and Varizapper

The 2011 Frequency book covers all the Clark frequencies.  Because Clark only provided 1 frequency for each disease or pathogen, The Rife frequencies were included in addition with the Clark data, a composition of 10 frequencies for each disease condition.

Varizapper:  Has its own built in 30Khz frequency.  You cannot change frequencies in this model, or program in frequencies from the book. It is a limited model with no programming facility.

Varigamma:  Has the capability of programming in a series of frequencies, You can use the frequency list with Varigamma, however it does take some time to master the complex menu, and the programs are stored on the blank card provided.

Zapper Digital Megahertz Plus:  Programs and uses any available frequency, or sets of frequencies from the book

Rife Digital Bioresonanz:  Programs and uses any available frequency, or sets of frequencies from the book

As the Rife and Clark frequencies are combined in the book under each disease type or pathogen listing, both Rife and Zapper Digital / Varigamma can use the frequency book.


Straps – new


How Parasites, Germs and Bacteria are listed

Her question was not super clear, but the book lists all parasites under “P” parasites.  Bacteria may be listed under Family or Genus so is a little trickier.  I have been shown how to do this if the question arises with a specific Bacteria which is unlisted.  You have to step up to the family group frequency reference, which covers a few hundred bacteria within the same species., or use the general Bacteria Mycoses setting.


Can it run for 24 hours?

Yes you can run a program or a single frequency for 24 hours.  You can use the <RUN> command on the Rife Digital (Or Zapper Digital) to run one frequency for 24 hours without interruption.

You can use the <SWEEP> command with Rife Digital (Or Zapper Digital,LCD or the Zapper MHz) to run the above set continuously for a 24 hour period.  It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete one cycle of 10 frequencies, and then the Rife will loop back to the first frequency automatically, and replay the entire set again.