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Black Mold

Use the following frequencies for Black Mold:

Molds General Comprehensive: 77.00, 126.00, 133.00, 177.00, 181.00, 188.00, 232.00, 242.00, 277.00, 288.00,

The General Comprehensive set is suggested because Black Mold is not specific to the body, rather it is resident within the environment, such as in bedrooms, bathrooms and humid areas of the house.  What the actual problem is, is the ingestion of these extremely toxic Black Mold spores, which set off allergic conditions in the body, and often trigger “Flu” type symptoms.

Lyme Disease, and its related symptoms (although a unique condition engineered by the Gram-negative spirochetal bacteria from the genus Borrelia)  can be exaggerated by molds and fungi, which compromise the immune function.  Further to this, using antibiotics will do nothing to reduce the numbers of Borrelia, the Lyme infectious bacteria, however it will increase the bodies exposure to fungi pathogens.

Lyme Disease frequencies:

Lyme Disease Frequencies: 0.65, 2.50, 7.50, 25.23, 70.00, 42.50, 95.67, 175.00, 523.01, 682.02

In order to maintain some control over the Fungal and Bacteria (Lyme) Infections, one must use the Rife Ultimate overnight for 1-3 months.  The Molds will die rapidly in the body, and may also trigger co-infections which are treatable via the Molds General Comprehensive frequency set.  Lyme will take much longer, and a 3 month treatment is the minimum on Lyme due to the stealthy nature of this Gram-negative spirochetal bacteria.