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According to some documentation I have, the “Amperage” actually received by a human being is not going to be the amperage produced by the power supply.  A laptop or a TV will draw all of the Amperage given; this is then translated into the powering of a hard drive or the backlight on the screen, the measurement then will show the power supply drawing all of the 2000ma given. The human draws insignificantly on the amps, so an amperage reading will often be in the range you suggested.  Take your amp reading at the supply, rather than at the RCA socket.  This will show you this basic principal in action, very little amps are given unless there is a significant drawing of this power by an appliance.

This principal will apply to all Rife Machines, whether you pay $400 or $4000 for the device.

However a change in voltage will make a difference.  Voltage given is unaffected by amps, and will remain consistent in all circumstances.  This is why we suggested the 16.5v model.

As I am not an engineer, but a doctor, I only can make medical suggestions and some information you read above from notes.  I can say that a replacement of your rife device will not change the above principals of electrical supply, so we will be happy to refund your money, or I can effect an upgrade to the 16.5v model for you, providing you accept this principal on amps remains consistent on all power supplies that use human beings to draw power.