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Look at the case histories of chronic Leukemia patients and see how they all have a great toxic buildup in their bodies.  For this reason Dr Clark made a requirement for all her Leukemia patients to do many liver cleanses, and also Kidney cleanses according to the cleanse recipes in her book.  Dr Clark found it imperative for all Leukemia patients to do thorough detox programs to release heavy metals, toxic residue, and parasites in the liver, gall-bladder, kidneys and intestine.

The Zapper Digital will help reduce Leukocytes.
Hemoglobin and platelets congealing or dropping is a sign of a low oxygen level in your blood.  If possible, obtain some Stabilized Liquid Oxygen from a health food shop ASAP, and start taking 30-50 drops in water per day to increase your blood oxygen level, and stabilize your hemoglobin.

If you have little side effect to Stabilized Liquid Oxygen, increase drops to 100 per day (33 morning, 33 lunch, 33 evening).  SLO has little taste so is easy to drink mixed with water or juice.

here is an example of a good liquid oxygen product


Zapper Digital Frequencies for Leukemia are:

Leukemia: 0.07, 0.12, 0.60, 0.80, 2.50, 22.50, 72.50, 434.39, 739.10, 905.31

Use Zapper Digital Megahertz Plus to assist in the detoxification process and combine with oxygen therapy to increase blood oxygen level, and stabilize/reverse the Leukemia progression.


Liquid Oxygen

Two places to get liquid Oxygen are:

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