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Tingling In the Feet

Tingling in the feet is a common side affect to using the Rife on the feet.  If the straps are used with the button facing the upper soles of the feet there is less likelihood of tingling.

Another cause of the tingling sensation is with the new Flex Straps.  Only in some circumstances the client will feel a tingling around the band, not just at the point of the steel conductive plate.  If the client notices this sensitivity in the circumference of the band, then place a cotton handkerchief or similar under the strap at the sensitive area.

Permitting that the steel plate touch the upper soles of the feet, it is of no consequence if the circumference of the bands are not directly connected, or in other words are shielded by the cotton cloth barrier.

Steve advised me that there are new series of Velcro straps due to be available in June/July, which will be both comfortable to wear and devoid of the vinyl materials.


Manufacturing of the Rife technology

The Rife Digital was developed for America, from a product designed in Germany and used in Germany for a number of years with great success.  The machine was based on the electronics of Dr Rife’s original Rife Machine, and the object of the developer was to keep the costs of production to a minimum, in order that the Rife Machine product could reach people who could not spend thousands of dollars on Rife Technology.

The Rife Digital machine manufacturer did not compromise on the quality of the electronics used.  All of which are sourced through Digikey; the most renown supplier of quality electronic equipment in USA.  All components are made by well know US companies such as “Microchip Technologies (US):, and Texas Instruments (US).

Likewise a team of Rife Machine medical staff in Germany have developed the ETDFL list since 2006: (Electro Therapy Device Frequency List” by combining the use of Quantum SCIO Bioresonance equipment and Rife Machines, to come up with the frequencies which are published in the ETDFL book released around June/July every year.  This is a huge and time absorbing task for the ETDFL team, and is supplied as public domain in Europe.  ETDFL is the list we use for Rife Digital, as the older 2006 CAFL list was found to be repetitive and used frequencies which did not apply or had few results.  CAFL stopped producing lists in 2006, probably for this very reason:  ETDFL-2011 uses CAFL-2006 frequencies where applicable.


Meridian Zapping – Using All 4 Straps

4 straps worn at the same time are called “Meridian Zapping” or you could say “Meridian Rifing”

It works well in 2 ways

(1) Provides a good penetration of the healing frequencies in both the lower and upper body simultaneously.

(2) Allows the positive and ground current to intersect mid body around the heart, which permits the healing processes to be concentrated from the central point of the body.  See crossover point in picture below.

The 4 straps allow the movement of energy from the lower body, through to the upper meridians.””Zapper/Rife Digital Meridian Zapping allows a greater flow of energy through the Chakras.

Avoid wearing 4 straps at night, as 4 straps can tangle.  If using machine for treatments while sleeping just attach the two straps to the feet.


What if I have heart problems or am on Chemo


If I have heart problems or had a stroke and am on Chemo can I use the machine?


There is no side affect when using the Rife Digital with patients who have heart complaints mentioned below.  The Rife Machine will not interfere with any Cancer Treatment programs including chemotherapy.


Testing for Parasites After the 21 Day Cycle

Parasites can be killed with a Rife or Zapper

Parasites can be killed with a Rife or Zapper

What can I expect after doing the treatments for 21 days when tested for parasites?

Testing for Parasites may remain positive for a few weeks after the 21 day cycle.  The parasites will be visible in tests,  however they will be dead.

Parasite tests will not distinguish between dead parasites and living parasites, so a positive will always be quoted on sight of any parasite.

Many people are disappointed to receive a positive test after the 21 day treatment with the Rife or Zapper, and I often have to explain to them this discrepancy, and explain that tests should be done at the fourth or fifth week.  I also advise extended Rife treatments for Parasites a few days each week following the 21 day comprehensive parasite treatment program as a precautionary measure.


ETDFL Frequency List

The CAFL frequency book stopped being printed and updated in June 2007.

Diseases and illnesses did not stop in 2007, so the ETDFL frequency book took over the list and was published 2008 – 2012.

The publishers of ETDFL are in Germany, and we translated it into English,

Since 2007, 2500 disease conditions were added to the list, and on average, every year 250 new conditions are added.  Defunct frequencies from the original CAFL book have been replaced where required.

The 3500 Disease/Pathogen ETDFL book supplied with Rife Digital lists a number of frequencies next to each disease condition.  The object of the treatment with Rife Digital is to program the appropriate list into the machine in order to reverse or send into remission any particular disease.  This is achieved through the use of specific electronic frequencies known to eliminate pathogens and diseases.

The lists are compiled from more than 5 sources since 1930,  The Frequencies given have been researched indepth, and many times diseases and parasites frequencies are documented while using a Rife Machine or Zapper in conjunction with a Synchrometer, or Bio-feedback device, and even using a microscope to discover the exact frequency where the “Die off” happens.  The “Die Off” is considered the frequency of that pathogen.  Multiple frequencies are given, because more than one pathogen is usually involved in a disease.  Much of this can be read in Dr Clark’s book, or Dr Rife’s book, and is not achievable here in a simple email.


How Long Should I Zap?

Parasites can be killed in 1.5 cycles, however we recommend a minimum of 21 Day cycle with the zapper for these 2 reasons.

(1) Dr Clark recommends 21 days in order to eliminate other stages of the life cycle that were unaffected by the zapper in the first treatment.  Parasites have a 21 day cycle (egg-larvae-adult).  Dr Clark stresses that the egg stage are the most difficult to “Zap” so allow the full 21 day Zapping cycle to be completed and the Zapper will kill the new parasite generation when they hatch.

(2) Extended Zapping periods are required to penetrate the more difficult to reach organs (such as intestine) and other organs that parasites hibernate to when they are threatened by electro-therapy.

Dr Clark recommends a Zap, once per week as a cautionary measure.


Does Analog Have More Frequencies Than Digital?

The structure of the clients questions suggest that “ANALOG” gives more frequencies than “DIGITAL”.  This is not correct, frequencies are given equally from both Analog and Digital…. There are no “extra” frequencies given with Analog.

Rife Digital signal is not a straight digital signal.  Rife Digital uses digital frequencies from DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) these are converted to analog before they are transmitted through the wristbands.

So in effect the DIGITAL (DSP) occurs at the CPU level, and then the frequency is translated into Analog signal.

Please note, the Rife Digital Ultimate specifically uses DDS and DSP as it contains quite expensive Chip-sets to achieve this.  For this reason the Ultimate is the machine of choice, and gives some explanation of why it costs more to produce.

Expensive machines such as the GB4000 ($4000) and the resonant light ($7500) use DDS/DSP technology, so we are obliged to incorporate this feature in RD Ultimate.


How does, introducing a frequency to an organism with like-frequency, destroy that organism?

When the frequency applied is at the same frequency of the organism, it sets up a resonance that kills it.  I like to think of it like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge when the wind was at the same frequency, it began to vibrate violently and finally broke up.  Much the same as a soprano hitting a note that resonates with the wine glass and it breaks.  Same idea.


What is the difference between the Rife Ultimate & Zapper Ultra?

Dr. Rife believe in the zapping concept – as did Dr. Clark.  Dr. Rife, however, believed in the use of light as another facet of his treatment.  The cost of his light machine is currently too high.  So – the difference between the machines is that the Rife Machine has left a connection in the electronics to hook up a light machine should they bring a less costly one to market.