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Battery Pack

                                                                                                           Battery and Adapter

Use the adapter below for both Zapper MHz and the Rife Bioresonanz

This battery pack is supplied with both the Zapper MHz and the Rife Bioresonanz

Please Note, for safety reasons:  Only  use the battery pack with the Zapper Digital MHz Plus or the Rife Bioresonanz.  Only the ZD-MHz + model and the Rife Bioresonanz can use this high powered Sony Battery Module.

Charge the battery for 2 hours before using.  Do not re-charge for more than 3 hours as this is a fast charge battery.


Recharge battery pack with the existing power adapter supplied with the zapper.  Connect the power lead from the zapper to the battery plug.  Charge only for 2-3 hours.

Maximum charge is 3 hours

Batteries are covered by the 30 day warranty


Zapper and Rife are covered by a 12 month replacement warranty

Straps and accessories are covered by a 30 day replacement warranty

Battery Pack is covered by a 30 day warranty

Warranty is void on over charged batteries

Leakage is a sign of an overcharged battery.


Battery Packs Now Available

We have all of the battery packs available for Zappers or Rife Machines purchased after July 2011 with the exception of LCD.  LCD cannot run a battery pack.

The Battery Pack Consists of a
SONY 6 Cell long life rechargeable battery pack (sealed)
Cable to attach to Rife Bioresonanz or Zapper Digital Plus model power charger.
1-2 hour charging time gives 3-5 hour Zapping/Rife treatment sessions.
Plus a Free Car Charger,  Allows you to run a Rife Bioresonanz or Zapper Plus directly from the car cigarette lighter socket.  Or you can recharge the battery from this car socket.