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Osteosarcoma: 0.04, 0.24, 0.73, 7.90, 67.22, 127.50, 317.50, 665.52, 831.33, 913.50,

Follow the instruction book under “Serious disease treatment” plan:

6.3. Serious Disease Treatments:

More serious diseases often require a longer treatment period, and often permit a course of frequencies that may change every few weeks. Our zappers and Rife machines have been used successfully to treat serious diseases for thousands of people. Time and again, the results have shown that the extended treatment sessions have produced the best healing responses. Extended sessions are more convenient at night, so as not to interrupt daytime activities or work schedules.

An overnight session with the straps attached to the feet will permit a deeper healing which will reach and penetrate the organs of the body. For example the intestines are an organ that could previously not be reached by early frequency devices; now with the ETD, one can eliminate parasites and pathogens that inhabit the intestine and other organs such as the liver, kidneys, gall and stomach. However it does take time, and you are required to use frequencies that resonate closely with the pathogen or parasite involved.

We recommend the <SWEEP> mode for this purpose as it scrolls through the 10 frequencies every 10 minutes in a loop cycle. Each frequency resonates with the healing program in order to treat the particular disease condition. Because the ETD works using natural frequencies, three months may be a plausible time period for a remission of more serious disease conditions. Natural medicine works in this manner, on a more subtle level and over an extended period of time. Again, best results are achieved with the extended overnight treatment sessions.