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How Connect the Zapper or Rife to TENS pads

You sent the replacement foot pads without question, then remembered to send the redesigned hand pads which arrived today.  The redesign is a HUGE improvement and much more comfortable.  I switch off using your straps and using a customized version with the TENS pads.  The TENS pads allow me to use them in various locations without any discomfort or rash (this was a lot of trial & error with different pad & wire combinations).  I would be happy to share with you what worked with me so that you can advise other customers?

Below are the instructions that Tony sent for all of our benefit:

1.  First attempt was to attach alligator clips

  • Used speaker wire
  • Soldered a mono plug & aligator clips on each set of wires.  This would be one mono plug and two alligator clips per stereo wire strand.
  • Did not work well since the speaker wire was stiff, and I was afraid to use the alligator clips in bed in case they made contact with my bare skin (think burns)
  • Also difficult to find pads that would work

2.  Second attempt was to buy some TENS wires (very cheap, like $2.00 for a pair at and solder a mono plug onto the end.  Each mono plug holds two wires, so they will need two plugs for combined hands & feet (Radio Shack has these parts really cheap)

  • This worked well, but the current would cut in and out.  This was probably my lack of wiring skills
  • I also started to experiment with different pads to cut back on the jolting felt in my palms (feet have little feeling).  No rashes ever developed, but you could get a strong jolt in the lower frequencies
  • The pads that worked best are
  • (through for the large pads for the abdomen. These are a little pricy (a buck a pad) but very comfortable. 2″x3.5″
  • (also Amazon) makes some nice ones for your hands that are very thick. 2″x2″ and about a buck each
  • for my feet I use the Tyco cheap carbon pads. 2″x2″ and less than $0.5 in bulk

3.  The last method, and the one that is working perfect was

  • To use your cables (you supplied) and cut off the button end (throw away button)
  • Also use the TENS leads and save the tips ($2 from Amazon)
  • Wire your cable to the TENS leads.  Solder and seal the connection
  • So the connection would be from your wires to a TENS pin at the end
  • These fit perfectly into the many TENS pads sold on Amazon

I use the devise in the following manner

  • Once per day I run a full Myco sweep with the small pads on my palms and the large 2″x3.5 on my abdomen.  As a note, the Myco is in my gut & hands
  • At night, I use the cheap square pads on my feet, and run it all night.  I wear some socks over them to keep the pads from falling off
  • I also wear spats to bed and run the wires from my feet/socks, through the spats with the wire exiting near my knee.  This keeps the wires from getting tangled while I am sleeping

Other notes
You will feel jolts at the lower frequencies
Replace the pads when they no longer stick or the jolting becomes too uncomfortable
This might be overkill, but Myco is tough to get rid of