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  1. I’ve researched your frequency list …CAFL Frequencies to find information on Wegener’s Granulomatosis….in every case if you go to Granulmatosis it says see Wegener’s (however if you go to “W” and look for Wegeners it is NOT there!! Do you have the frequency info for Wegener’s??? I looked on many sites and they are all the same…I thought maybe since this site seemed updated (2010 info) it may contain the frequency~~ but I was wrong! Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    • I will look into this and see what I can find for you.

    • We generally refer to this condition as Vasculitis in the medical arena. Please refer client to the following frequencies:

      Vasculitis: 0.08, 0.22, 0.73, 2.50, 5.81, 50.00, 310.25, 532.41, 689.93, 750.00,

      The 2011 book will point Wegener’s references (correctly) to Vasculitis.
      This condition should be treated promptly as the toxic buildup created by Vasculitis/Wegeners can be life threatening. Toxins accumulate in the liver compromise liver function. Follow Kidney cleanses twice a month to prevent renal failure. Use a Zapper Digital daily on the above frequencies. Advise also two Dr Clark liver cleanses per month for 3 months.

  2. I need to know if you can treat simultaneously different symptoms or disease ‘?
    Like here in Argentina there are no doctors who use or know about this product I have no way or who to ask
    be grateful that I could help

    • It’s a good idea to give each issue at least 5 days – if you don’t feel any improvement you may have the wrong frequencies. You could also do a couple of treatments in the morning for one issue and a couple in the evening for another issue. But, depending on what it is would determine how long. Some serious disease conditions like hepatitis can take up to 3 months to really get it out of your system where as some cancer tumors will begin to reduce within a couple of weeks.

  3. What program to put in Rife Digital Machines, to get rid from Mobiluncus curtissi?

    • I have a question out to the doctor to see what to do with this. We will hear back anywhere from right away or up to 2 to 3 days. Soon as I get an answer I will post it and let you know.

    • Mobiluncus organisms are found in the human vagina, particularly in association with Gardnerella vaginalis in cases of bacterial vaginosis. I cross referenced Candidiasis and the related bacteria Mobiluncus of Candida to be a major component of mobiluncus organism infection, so use the Candida frequency set to treat Mobiluncus.

      Candidiasis: 0.18, 0.93, 2.50, 42.50, 71.50, 96.50, 125.75, 434.00, 642.91, 983.17

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