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Lung Cancer


My mother in law had part of a lung removed two years ago and now the cancer in back apparently in the pleural cavity. She is having a liter of fluid drained at the hospital every three or four days. She is 83 and is starting  radiation treatments this week. Can your machine help her? I need to know as soon as possible.


A Rife Machine set on cancer frequencies will help with the recovery process.  For example in the CAFL book supplied:

Cancer: Lung Cancer: 0.05, 0.41, 0.62, 15.75, 87.50, 325.00, 512.33, 655.20, 750.00, 927.10

This set would be appropriate for the treatment of your mothers pleural cavity Cancer

Program the Rife with each frequency and use for 10 minutes per frequency.  Many people use the Rife on the feet at night, and for the first 9 days of the treatment: 1-6 hours while resting or sleeping per day or night.

Place wristbands on both feet with the Silver side touching the soles.  Program in all the above frequencies and allow the frequencies to cycle overnight in a loop every 100 minutes (Its all on automatic pilot)

The 3500 Disease/Pathogen CAFL book supplied with Rife Digital lists a number of frequencies next to each disease condition.  The object of the treatment with Rife Digital is to program the appropriate list into the machine in order to reverse or send into remission any particular disease.  This is achieved through the use of specific electronic frequencies known to eliminate pathogens and diseases.

Listed are frequency settings for treatment of cancer, parkinsons and diabetes to name a few.

The Rife Digital shares identical features to the more expensive Rife Machine models, and also uses the same frequency ranges for healing treatments.  There is also the pre-program function which allows the user to key in the healing frequencies which keeps your hands free for timed multiple frequency therapy sessions.

The difference really is price.  We aim to keep our prices low to reach the people who need treatment, but cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on over-priced Rife Machines.  What is important to us is that people should be able to afford to use Dr Rife’s technology to treat and heal serious disease conditions