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Metasatic Squamous Neck

Cancer: Metasatic Squamous Neck: 0.10, 0.52, 7.50, 30.00, 225.03, 434.15, 527.00, 662.71, 749.00, 986.22

The above set applies to the tongue also.

Carcinoma, Basal Cell: 0.08, 0.12, 0.85, 5.16, 20.00, 40.00, 85.00, 97.50, 355.72, 434.50, 515.00,

Follow the book for treatment of various disease page = 4

Do not change the programs too often, but focus on one disease that you want to treat with one Frequency Set. Conduct regular treatments (5 days with 2 days rest), until your symptoms have disappeared. Sometimes it is recommended to use 2 different frequency sets for one particular illness; in this case switch between the 2 sets in weekly intervals.

Note the Crossover at 434.

434 is a Focal frequency so client should consider a few hours <RUN> per day at this frequency  which crosses over or is equally important for both Squamous and Basal Cell.
Also follow the textbook recommendations on treatment of serious disease. pg.5/6 – Best to use either the Ultimate or the Ultra for serious disease treatment due to the additional power that these models have.