How Parasites, Germs and Bacteria are listed

Her question was not super clear, but the book lists all parasites under “P” parasites.  Bacteria may be listed under Family or Genus so is a little trickier.  I have been shown how to do this if the question arises with a specific Bacteria which is unlisted.  You have to step up to the family group frequency reference, which covers a few hundred bacteria within the same species., or use the general Bacteria Mycoses setting.



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  1. michael whiteman

    I’m not sure what parasites I might have and was wondering what frequency to use since there is so many. I have lyme disease and since by immune system is compromised I believe there may be a parasite or parasites living in me. I’ve lost a lot of weight but still have a good appetite. Also I have this sore on my right shoulder that won’t go away and flares up off and on.

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