How Parasites Leave the Body


Can you tell me when I use the zapper I sometimes feel the parasites leaving my body. Are the parasites dying off or they getting on the sheets? I would need to use something to spray the bed if that’s the case. Do you know of anything?

In most cases, unless we are discussing Morgellons disease; the parasites are naturally eliminated through stool movements.  The second method which is much less common is the evacuation or elimination of parasites through vomiting (purging).

Parasites are generally contracted through the consumption of foods or water, a generally unavoidable contraction.  Eating fresh washed salads, or well cooked meats (never eat semi cooked foods such as rare steaks etc) you will minimize the possibility of contraction of parasitic pathogens and their related bacterium.

Most of the parasites that eventuate in a serious disease or disorder in the human body, are contracted through animals.  For example, the common sheep liver fluke, is often contracted through the consumption of lamb which is undercooked.



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