Testing for Parasites After the 21 Day Cycle

Parasites can be killed with a Rife or Zapper

Parasites can be killed with a Rife or Zapper

What can I expect after doing the treatments for 21 days when tested for parasites?

Testing for Parasites may remain positive for a few weeks after the 21 day cycle.  The parasites will be visible in tests,  however they will be dead.

Parasite tests will not distinguish between dead parasites and living parasites, so a positive will always be quoted on sight of any parasite.

Many people are disappointed to receive a positive test after the 21 day treatment with the Rife or Zapper, and I often have to explain to them this discrepancy, and explain that tests should be done at the fourth or fifth week.  I also advise extended Rife treatments for Parasites a few days each week following the 21 day comprehensive parasite treatment program as a precautionary measure.



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