Tingling In the Feet

Tingling in the feet is a common side affect to using the Rife on the feet.  If the straps are used with the button facing the upper soles of the feet there is less likelihood of tingling.

Another cause of the tingling sensation is with the new Flex Straps.  Only in some circumstances the client will feel a tingling around the band, not just at the point of the steel conductive plate.  If the client notices this sensitivity in the circumference of the band, then place a cotton handkerchief or similar under the strap at the sensitive area.

Permitting that the steel plate touch the upper soles of the feet, it is of no consequence if the circumference of the bands are not directly connected, or in other words are shielded by the cotton cloth barrier.

Steve advised me that there are new series of Velcro straps due to be available in June/July, which will be both comfortable to wear and devoid of the vinyl materials.



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