Agent Orange


Are there any frequencies for Agent Orange?


Agent Orange, DDT, or RID insecticide… Its all the same stuff.  Back to the 2 main Detox sets:

Detox: [ Baklayan – Germany set ] Detox: (Toxin extraction) 0.20, 0.14, 0.33, 0.42, 0.44, 0.55, 0.52, 0.76, 0.78, 1.86,

Detox: (Liver, Kidneys, Lymph, Intestine, Scars): 0.03, 0.54, 0.75, 0.02, 0.24, 0.15, 0.52, 0.44, 0.64, 0.18

Your not looking for a frequency for Agent Orange (The stuff US airforce sprayed on US ground troops in the Vietnam War – what were they thinking??) Your looking for a Detox frequency set to allow the quick passage of these toxins from the Liver, Kidneys, Lymph and Intestine.



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