Please thank Dr. Williams for his response.  I know morgellons is weird and complicated.  I started to use the 907.50 for parasitic scabies for atleast one hour a day for the last five days, and it’s helping.  Plus, I switched my lotion application method to using Joboba Oil mixed with the essential oils on my arms and hands.  My arms are a bit better and the horrible itchiness in greatly reduced.  My left hand still has poision in it and my fingers are still a bit swollen on both hands but the dry skin is definitely improved.  I am not taking MMS now.  I took it back in 2008-2010.  That was enough.  The stuff is extremely strong and it does scare me because it’s chlorine based.  That’s why I am using Grapefruit Seed Extract three times a day plus the herbs for ridding parasites and candida plus all the other vitamins and supplements.  I have been using the Zapper during the daytime hours as much as possible.  And yes, of course I have the pads on all night long. So these past three weeks some days I’ve probably used the Zapper for close to 20 hours a day.  I am determined to cure myself of this horrible man-made illness.


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