Morgellons more info

As Morgellons is a complicated disease involving many parameters and contributors of not just one parasite, but many parasites, bacterium and fungi, working in symbiosis to maintain presence in its victim, I would not be in a position to be able to simply throw a “perfect treatment plan” for this client.

All i could suggest would be to follow the Morgellons frequency sets, one after each other.  If the larger parasites appear, focus on frequencies above 620 – 815khz (as per the frequency manual).  Use MMS in higher dosages over shorter periods, rather than the suggested routine of 6-10 drops per day.

Above all use the Rife Machine / Zapper Digital overnight, and even during the day if possible.  Most success came from those who used the Rife Ultimate for the extended sessions at night, and included day sessions.  One of my clients would use the machine at work with the straps on the feet under the computer table.  Extreme ‘diseases’ like Morgellons, call for extreme Rife Sessions.  You have to hit this one hard and fast with all the “military” you can get your hands on.

I do pray for a quick remission from this disease that medical people out there do not believe even exist.  I apologize for not being able to provide a more comprehensive treatment plan, with the exception of which I have included within this email.



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