Building Muscle Mass and Weight Loss

Question:  Will the machine help with building mussel mass and weight loss?


I have some notes from Department of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California 3 March 2003, but I don’t have the case study number.  Someone was working on this for TENS machines, which were in the initial stages of development in 2003.  The Tens machine would work on preset frequencies of around 50hz, or on the Rife Digital = 0.05Khz setting to stimulate muscle.  The Tens machine was an early type of frequency machine with many pads for attaching to various parts of the body.  Some of this material is presented below.  I cannot add to this, or provide case studies, other than this study below:

Experimental protocol. Rhythmic, isometric muscle contractions (tetanic) were elicited by stimulation of the sciatic nerve with square wave impulses (6-8 V) of 10 minute duration at a rate of 50hz, with this train of impulses; (10 impulses during each contraction). Each muscle was stimulated to contract in a sequential manner for 3.33 min at each of three stimulation frequencies: 1 contraction every 4 (0.25 contractions/s), 3 (0.33 contractions/s), and 2 (0.5 contractions/s) s. Muscle perfusion pressure for these three stimulation patterns was kept at 130 mmHg. We have previously demonstrated, using muscle contractions similar to those used in this investigation, that a steady-state blood flow and O2 uptake are achieved by the end of 2 min.

(Dr Pete) Whether this Muscle stimulation frequency would assist in weight loss, or the building of muscle mass would not be known without further studies on test groups.



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