MOR frequency


I see that 434 kHz is a central cancer MOR frequency.  I am
using the 10-set sweep, and I also run 434.16 selected from the 10-set
as the nearest to 434.  My question is whether 434.16 is also a key
single Rife MOR frequency for the pleomorphic BX/BY forms ?


~434 kHz  is based on the Dr Clark frequency research.  The objective of the 434 kHz  frequency permits the elimination of the universal cancer marker, orthophosphotyrosine, which is again related to Pathogens which contribute to cancer within the human body, according to her research.

When one has a multiprogram device, like the Rife Digital Ultimate you can utilize the frequency sets provided by “the many contributors” to the science of Electrotherapy for the treatment of Cancer and related diseases.



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