Lyme Disease – Method of Contraction


Is there a different treatment if Lyme is contracted by a tic or a spider?


Lyme is Lyme, whether from a Tic, Spider or a Beetle.  If the insect/arachnid is carrying the Gram-negative spirochetal bacteria from the genus Borrelia, in its venom, the results will all be the same: Victim catches Lyme Disease.

No Spider/Tic or any other animal bite frequency will change this fact.  Best to follow Dr Petes suggestions and follow the Lyme Disease frequency set, its your best chance for reversal of symptoms and impacting the disease enough to trigger a remission.

Only use the Ultimate or Ultra for Lyme.  This is a really tough bacteria, and you need the powerful arsenal to knock this one out, overnight sessions and 3 month treatment.



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  1. michael whiteman

    I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease with Igenex and was wondering when using zapper digital, what set frequency would be best. I have co-infections of candida and some viruses. What frequecy for what disease would you use first in the healing process?

  2. michael whiteman

    I have the zapper digital plus instead of the ultra, is that mean I can’t treat the Lyme Disease as well. Is there really a big difference.

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