I am pleased to see the results with the Morgellons treatment.  I would believe that the client would be greatly benefited by the 16v/4500 Rife Ultimate, as an increase in power may be required to push deeper into the body, where these pathogens are incubating.

The Morgellons Research Foundation identifies Morgellons symptoms like: formication, the sensation of insects “crawling, stinging or biting on or under the skin”, rashes or sores that persist pain, resembling fibromyalgia, disabling fatigue and cognitive problems.

According to Dr Rife’s research, these are the classic symptoms of a parasitic infestation in the body. These pathogens, while not presently identified by science, are completely in character of a bacterial parasite or amoeba, which surfaces on the skin, to cause rashes, and sores at the point of skin rupture.  It is thought that the parasite does not live on top of the skin surface, but is active within the body, and surfaces to different skin locations around the body.

Localized antibiotic cream or natural remedies cannot remove the infestation as the pathogens are resident within the body, and are not travelling along the skins surface.  Occasionally fibres are seen at the skin rupture points

Medical Staff who formulate the frequency sets compiled a range of frequency progams to combat this unusual pathogen, seeing it as a form of blood parasite, and opted for the comprehensive parasite frequency set:

Morgellons (Internal Parasites): 0.16, 0.30, 0.68, 0.90, 2.50, 5.50, 13.93, 356.72, 451.17, 483.52,
Morgellons (Internal & External Skin Parasites): 0.16, 0.30, 2.50, 5.50, 13.93, 93.50, 356.72, 451.17, 483.52, 680.00,
Morgellons Chronic (Ruptures and Fibre growths): 0.30, 0.68, 0.90, 13.93, 93.50, 380.67, 412.12, 424.40, 483.52, 680.00,
Morgellons External Skin Parasite (Symptoms: Surface Scratching, itching skin) <RUN> 680.00 for 1 hour

680Khz is the resident frequency for many larger parasites.  The breaks in the skin are the likely exit point for these critters, so continue to use frequencies 680, and above for eliminating these.

Consider purchasing this Oil product from Amazon, which is a powerful natural oil, with special anti-parasitic properties.  The oil will also clear the rashes and bacterial infections at the points of each outbreak.

Name of Oil: Neem,  100% natural oil from the Neem Tree.

Link on Amazon:

Allow 3 months for Morgellons treatment.  Wear the Rife/Zapper at night with straps on the feet.  Do not take breaks, use every night religiously and consider updating your machine to the more powerful Ultimate model.

I am told by Steve that the Blue straps are now available.  So the client may purchase 4 or so sets of straps. They may be more comfortable than the existing vinyl models supplied with the machine.


Dr Peter Williams (MD)


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