Does Analog Have More Frequencies Than Digital?

The structure of the clients questions suggest that “ANALOG” gives more frequencies than “DIGITAL”.  This is not correct, frequencies are given equally from both Analog and Digital…. There are no “extra” frequencies given with Analog.

Rife Digital signal is not a straight digital signal.  Rife Digital uses digital frequencies from DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) these are converted to analog before they are transmitted through the wristbands.

So in effect the DIGITAL (DSP) occurs at the CPU level, and then the frequency is translated into Analog signal.

Please note, the Rife Digital Ultimate specifically uses DDS and DSP as it contains quite expensive Chip-sets to achieve this.  For this reason the Ultimate is the machine of choice, and gives some explanation of why it costs more to produce.

Expensive machines such as the GB4000 ($4000) and the resonant light ($7500) use DDS/DSP technology, so we are obliged to incorporate this feature in RD Ultimate.



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