I used the Zapper last night for 1 hour on 680 and then I programmed in all the frequencies for the chronic morgellons and ran that for 2 and ½ hours.  I felt a little tingling on my feet (used the foot scraps) and once on my hands and the 412 and 424 frequencies were really targeted my sore arms and hands.  I do have one question – I do have parasites and bugs associated with my morgellons too so I don’t know if I should use one of those frequencies instead of the 680 and just run the 680 separately during the day?


The Client should use the Chronic Morgellons as the best course of action, using all preset frequencies.  The 600+ frequency series are targeted at the surface parasites, such as mites, which have been documented as the adult “Stage” in the Morgellons parasitic infestation (or infection).

If sensitivity is felt at the upper 600’s then alternate the lower frequencies during the night and the higher powerful frequency end at night.

Rule of Thumb:  The larger the Parasite, the Higher the Frequency ranges.



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