How long to kill parasites?

Parasites can be killed in 1.5 cycles, however we recommend a minimum of 21 Day cycle with the zapper for these 2 reasons.

(1) Dr Clark recommends 21 days in order to eliminate other stages of the life cycle that were unaffected by the zapper in the first treatment.  Parasites have a 21 day cycle (egg-larvae-adult).  Dr Clark stresses that the egg stage are the most difficult to “Zap” so allow the full 21 day Zapping cycle to be completed and the Zapper will kill the new parasite generation when they hatch.

(2) Extended Zapping periods are required to penetrate the more difficult to reach organs (such as intestine) and other organs that parasites hibernate to when they are threatened by electro-therapy.

Dr Clark recommends a Zap, once per week as a cautionary measure.



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