Combine Treatments for Cancer and Detox

A combination approach was in reply to the Rife Detox, and Cancer treatment sessions.  The text book answer applies in this case (page 4)


Do not change the programs too often, but focus on one disease
want to treat with one Frequency Set. Conduct regular treatments
with 2 days rest), until your symptoms have disappeared. Sometimes
recommended to use 2 different frequency sets for one particular
in this case switch between the 2 sets in weekly intervals. If you
feel any change within 5 days, then you probably are working with
wrong frequency set and you should try something different.

So the key here is weekly intervals.  Start with the cancer frequency set for week 1, then switch to the Baklayan – Germany Detox set on the second week, change sets each weekly interval for the best healing therapies combined with the detox program.



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